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The machine is based on the Cryolipolysis technology. The cold energy under accurate control will be delivered to selected fatty areas via a non-invasive cold energy device. The fat treated by cold energy will consequently lead to apoptosis (a form of cell death necessary to make way for new cells,) and will be slowly removed from the body through the process of metabolism, without any damage to other tissues.

The Cryolipolysis system is a skin cooling device, which mainly works for resolving the stubborn fat of upper arms, back, tummy and waist, aiming to reshape the abdomen and flanks. According to the thickness of the fat, the system has three different size arms and five modes with five different temperatures and treatment times.

Freezing temperature -110C~00C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.10C
Suction Level 1-10
Cooling system Semiconductor + Built-in water + wind cooling
Interface 10.4”color Led Touch Screen
Duration 1-60min
Treatment area size Mid: 250mm×50mm Min: 145mm×50mm
Negative pressure 0-0.07 M Pa
Electrical requirement 230VAC 50Hz 1500W
Dimension(W×D×H) 300mm×400mm×900mm
Weight 28kg

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