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Hair Regrowth Helmet

Hair Regrowth Helmet


The Laser Hair Growth Helmet adopts 650nm low energy laser light which can easily penetrate the hair follicles 2mm deep and straight work to the hair root. Absorbing the heat by follicles, prompt a healthy hair growth, not only prevent hair loss but to improve hairs quality


  • Stop hair loss quickly
  • Improve hair quality
  • Make the hair thicker, denser, stronger


  • Laser light directly work on hair follicles so as to facilitate the growth, helping to improved toughness of hair make let it more tough.
  • Stop hair loss quickly, reenergize the hair follicles, making the hair thicker, denser, stronger.
  • Standard head size custom designed, wear it absolutely stable, healthy.
  • Be suitable for treating oil spill hair loss, hereditary hair loss, postpartum hair loss, hair fixation after hair transplant, alopecia areata, hair loss under pressure, poor hair quality and congenitally rare hair for both male and female.
The battery specification 3.7V 2000mA
Product Dimension 266 x 194 x 130mm
User time per treatment 25 minutes
Rated power 2W

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