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Laser Comb

Laser Comb


The Laser Comb may stop or reverse the cycle of miniaturization by stimulating the follicle and the production of living cells in the hair root that eventually make up the hair shaft. Studies on the effects of Laser Photo Therapy have shown an increase in adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which contributes to the higher energy level in the living cells. In addition, an increase in blood flow to the capillaries of the hair root occurs, delivering more nutrients to the living cells that create the hair shaft. This increased blood flow also carries away more waste products that may result in diminishing the effects of DHT on the miniaturization process of the hair follicles. Specially made steel columns in Comb B tease the head to increase absorbency of hair follicles and fully exert the effect of hair growth lotion.

Applicable indications

This unit is applicable to the persons who suffer from steatorrhea alopecia, male hormone source alopecia, physical alopecia, chemical alopecia, female postpartum alopecia, female menopause alopecia ,sub-health alopecia, head acarid, non-free head blood circulation, hair follice 4 clog, hair-rooted malnutrition and other kinds of alopecia caused by excess cerebration.

Laser Comb(Comb A ) Lontion-Infusing Comb(Comb B)
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Charge time 6 hours
Laser production 2000uw/cm2
Vibrating Speed 5000-8500RPM
Wave length 650NM
Weight 160G
Rechargeable Battery 2.4V/600MA
Rechargeable Battery 2.4V/600MA

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