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Pentagon Grand

Fractional Co2 Laser

Pentagon Grand

The machine has 3 systems: Factional CO2, VRL and CO2 can satisfy all needs, very excellent investment

  • Safe treatment:
  • Totally safe, and tested by millions of people in the world; the ideal wavelength is absorbed by the mucous membrane micron, to avoid any thermal damage by deep tissue or organ
  • Fast treatment:
  • Each treatment less than 30 minutes and 4-6 times treatment can completely solve the vaginal problems
  • Effective treatment:
  • Effective for all women who have the loosen vaginal; and effective prevention of gynecological inflammation
  • Painless treatment:
  • The patients only can feel warm/hot inside, cannot feel any pain
Power 10W, 20W, 30W
Pulse Energy 3mJ ~ 300mJ
Ultra Pulse Laser spot size: 0.3mm ~ 0.7mm
Fractional Laser spot size: 30mm ~ 120mm
Operation Mode Laser spot size: 0.3mm ~ 0.7mm
CW 1~10w, 1~20w, 1~30w Average Power
Operation Mode --> Fractional Mode --> Dynamic Mode (Array, Random)
Lesion Depth All Type 1500mm (Max 2,000 mm)
Spot Density 0.1 ~ 2mm
Scan Area Size 3x3 ~ 20x20 (Adjustable
Scan Area Shape Square, Circle
Guide Type Normal (5mm, 20mm)
Control Panel Touch Screen (8 Inches)
Aiming Beam Diode Laser Beam 650nm (Light Adjustable)
Laser Delivery 7 - Joint 7 - Mirror Articulated Arm
Input Voltage 220VAC
Weight 50Kg
Dimensions 420mm(W) x 510mm(D) x 1,300mm(H)

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