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Smart Active

Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Series


Smart Active


The high peak power and short pulse duration delivers efficient destruction of the target chromospheres such as tattoo ink, pigment or collagen. The electro-optic Q-Switch, acting as a high-speed shutter, stores energy between pulses enabling the laser to produce peak power output of 200MW in 6ns pulse width. It forces energy at a high rate, the target chromospheres vibrate and shatter, without harming the surrounding skin on all skin.


  • Tattoo removal
  • Vascular lesion removal
  • Epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions : Nevus of Ota, Sun damage, Melama
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Resurfacing: Wrinkle reduction, Acne scar reduction, Skin toning
Laser wavelength for aiming light 650nm (red color)
Laser wavelength 1064nm & 532nm
Output energy for Laser 1064nm: 100mJ-1300m;
terminal (mJ) Single pulse 532nm: 50mJ-500mJ
Output energy for Laser 1064nm: 200mJ-2600m;
terminal (mJ) Double pulse 532nm: 100mJ-1000mJ
Laser mode Single / double pulse
Pulse repetition rate (Hz) 1 Hz -10Hz
Pulse width (ns) 6ns
Diameter of Spot 2-10mm adjustable
Cooling Manner Copper fins, no pollution to water
Controller 10.4’ TFT LCD screen
Spot diameter (mm) 2mm-10mm adjustable
Power supply 2000W
Rated operational current (A) 10A
Water tank capacity 8L
Number of articular optical arm 7 articular optical arm
Dimension of machine (mm) 92×34×114.5cm
N.W. (Kg) 98kg
Voltage 230V, 50Hz

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