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Brand Names Ingredients Indications
Glycoveda 35% Glycolic acid 35%
Strontium nitrate 13%
Aesthetic : photoageing, fine line, rough skin and open pores
Glycoveda 50% Glycolic acid 50%
Strontium nitrate 13%
Pigmentation: melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles and lentigines
Glycoveda 70% Glycolic acid 70%
Strontium nitrate 13%
Acne: comedonal acne, superficial acne scars, pigmented acne scars
Keratotic lesions: keratosis pilaris, seborrheic keratosis and actinic keratosis
Vedasol 20 Salicylic acid 20% w/w Inflammatory acne
Non-inflammatory acne
Oily acne prone skin
Vedason 30 Salicylic acid 30% w/w Inflammatory acne
Non-inflammatory acne
Oily acne prone skin
Actipeel Lactic acid 82%,
Dimethylaminoethanol 11%
Extract Boswellia serrata gum 0.001%
Extract Phyllanthus emblica 0.001%
Extract Chamomilla recutita 0.001%
Skin rejuvenation: moisturization, glow and lighteningzz
Vedatec 15% Trichloroacetic acid 15% w/v Photoageing
Superficial scars
Pigmented acne scars
Superficial mild acne scars
Vedasol SM Salicylic Acid 20% w/w
Mandelic acid 10% w/w
Inflammatory acne
Inflammatory acne with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Jessner's Peel Salicylic acid 14%, Lactic Acid 14% Resorcinol 14% Acne
Dyschromias (melasma & PIH)
Superficial scars
Fine lines
Dilated pores
Keratosis pilaris
Vedapeel Glycolic acid 35%, Lactic acid 10%, Kojic acid 7%, Citric acid 5%, Salicylic acid 3%, Extract Phyllanthus emblica 0.001% extract chamomilla recutita 0.001% Melasma
Perioral Melanosis
Periorbital melanosis
Post – inflammatory hyperpigmentation
Claze Gel Lactic acid 20%, arginine 20%,Kojic acid 5%, Arbutin 2%, Citric acid 2%, Urea 5% Alovera Barbadensis 1%, Dimethlaminoethanol 8%, Allantoin 0.5% Facial Rejuvenation
Perorbital Hyperpigmentation
Lip Lightening
Pyrulac Gel Pyruvic acid 25%, Lactic acid 25%, Superficial pigmentation
Tryses cream SCORBYL GLUCOSIDE 10%, SODIUM asCORBATE AND TOCOPHETOL AND RETINOL 4%, Nicotinamide 5%, salicylic acid 2% retinyl propionate 1% Photoageing(includeing fine line and wrinkles)
Active acne
Superficial ance scars

Tryses Home care kit

Rejuvenating and Brightening

Soium ascorbate and tocopherol and retinol 2%, Licorice 1%, Hordeum Vulgare seed extract1% , Morus alba 1%, magnesium aspirate and zinc gluconate and copper gluconate 1%, sodium cocoyl aminoacids1%, cocoyl alanine 0.5%, Palmitoyl Glycine 0.5%, Nicotinamide 0.5% Skin Rejuvenation and Brightening
For Maintenance after tryses peel

Tryses home care kit

Hydrating cream

Kokum butter 1%, Aloveragel 1%, Glycerin 2%, Vitamin E acetate 0.1%, Xylitglucoside 1.5%, Sodium Cocoly amino acids and sarcosine and potassium aspirate and magnesium aspirate 1%, allantoin 0.2 %, Caprylic / Capric triglyceride 1% Skin Moisturizing
For Maintenance after tryses peel
Degreasing Lotion Glycolic acid 2.5%, Triclosan 0.01.%, Hamamelis virginiana extract 0.050%, citronellol extract 0.0028% Pre Peel Degreasing
Neutralizing Lotion Chamomilla recutita extract 0.20% triethanolamine 1.35%, Sodium bicarbonate7% Post peel Neutralization
Microdermabrasion cream Aluminum oxide crystal 42%, Niacinamide 5%, glycerine 3%, C-12-15 Alkylbenzoate 3%, Caprylic / Capric triglyceride 3%, Butyrospermum parkil3%, Dimethicone 2%, Aloe Barbadensis 0.5%, Tocopheryl acetate 0.2% Photoageing
(Fine Line and Open pore)
Superficial scars
Body polishing

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